Australian rockband ME have been making a name for themselves across Europe this past year, with appearances including the Southside and Hurricane festivals and the Radio Eins stage to name a few. Having toured with names like Kasabian, Evanescence and Panic! at the Disco, ME have proved that they are comfortable on some of the world’s biggest stages, and with their single, “Sleepwalker” achieving international airplay we hope that means we will be seeing a lot more of them!

Watch the Sleepwalker video here: Sleepwalker


Otherwise known as Sophia Exiner, Phia is an Australian-born, Berlin-based artist who creates arresting, hypnotic pop music that is just plain fun. With the unusual but artful use of the african instrument kalimba channeled through her loop-pedal, she adds beatboxing and her vocals to create a captivating experience. She relocated to Berlin and immersed herself in the burgeoning DIY/folk/electronic music scene. Using her new home as a base, she has performed over 100 shows around Europe, from major festivals to supporting Stealing Sheep (UK), Denis Jones (UK), Lights (CAN), Yukon Blonde (CAN), Husky (AUS) and securing a slot at Germany’s Fusion Festival (2014).

Hear Phia’s single “Do You Ever”right here


Disko Berlin

Nýdönsk are an Icelandic pop-rock group, established in the late 1980’s. After decades of success in their homeland, the band still pours out great songs and records. In 2014 Nýdönsk came to Tricone Studios to record their latest album and with Daníel Ágúst Haraldsson of GusGus among their regular members, we were proud and privileged to be a part of the album, appropriately titled “Disko Berlin”. Learn more about Nýdönsk at the band’s facebook page and official website here:


The Big Shitty

American musician and songwriter Paul Curreri chose Berlin as the place to record his seventh studio album, “The Big Shitty.” Journeying from his hometown of Charlottesville, Virginia, he was joined at Tricone Studios by his cracking British rhythm section, bassist Joe Carvell & drummer Euan Rodger. The resulting album received 4 stars in MOJO. Early in his career, Paul performed mainly in the folk and blues music styles, becoming known for his surprisingly rocking solo acoustic concerts. Over the course of the last three records, he has continued to lean more and more into a darker electric sound.

Watch Paul’s video from the Album here: Poor Little Motorbike


Recording Session Footage

Bypassing all of the normal trappings of the music business, Gentlemen & Assassins played their first shows together, in the form of a 6 country tour in March 2011 as a wholly DIY affair. Inspired by the reactions from audiences and venues alike, the band toured in Oct/Nov 2011, recording a completely fan-funded album at Tricone Studios on the way! Both individually, and with their bands (Dresden Dolls, Nervous Cabaret, Luminescent Orchestrii) these musicians have played countless shows and some of the world’s largest festival stages. Together they create one of the most unexpected and exciting shows imaginable, throwing their wealth of talent and musical diversity into a night that simply must be experienced to be comprehended… it’s not a show… it’s a happening!

Gentlemen & Assassins on facebook


Interstellar Getaway (2012) Attempt To Change A Runnung System EP (2009)

Sebastian Arnold is a one man band playing drums and synthesizers. He is creating a danceable mixture of jazz, electronica and post-rock music by using his drumset to directly interact with electronic equipment. He is building his song structures by layering loops, realtime samples and triggered synthesizer sequences, being able to improvise like a jazz musician in a full band. Nevertheless, what comes out is a highly energetic form of intelligent electronic dance music.


The BBC have recently used Tricone Studios for the filming and audio production of several music videos including this one for “Hani”.

Click here to see more footage of these BBC productions and “Hani” at Tricone Studios on YouTube


The Cabrio Ambulance is a wild ride through the rock influenced, but cross-genre infected mind of its crazy Polish founder and sole member, Kacper. Bringing his musical visions to reality with the help of several drum sessions at Tricone, the Album has developed a distinct flavour of its own during the course of its making. The songs on this Album show a man not afraid of expressing where his influences lie, yet clearly defying typical expectations and tapping into a truly creative mind with a vast musical perception.


F**k You, I’m A Pirate! EP

The youngest group we have had at Tricone to date, “Our Glory Days” are a heavy Punk/hardcore band that with only 15 years of age, pack an impressive punch! Pumping out their first EP at Tricone, the group is now focusing on a full length album and as many live shows as possible! Keep your eyes and ears open for these talented youngsters.


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