Recording Room 1

This is where we record signals that have to be isolated from the main recording room, such as guitar and bass amps. This provides perfect separation for the mixing process and as the room is properly carpeted, it offers a less ambient and dryer sounding alternative to our main recording room.

This room also has a small lounge table and a kitchen corner where we can make coffee and tea and keep other food and beverages refrigerated.

Recording Room 2

This is our main recording room which is completely sound-proofed and visually connected to the control room via a large window. Built to the finest acoustic principles its specially treated wooden floors and ceiling, combined with stone walls, are precisely calculated to produce a warm and crisp sound that enhances the natural qualities of any voice, instrument or amplifier. These elements also make it the perfect drum recording room.

In the past, the room has been used for radio broadcast productions, where an immediancy and detail in sound are paramount. With today’s growing interest in vintage tone, it is also worth noting that the room, still in its original condition since 1956, is the perfect place for achieving that vintage-like sound.

The room can also be illuminated in a way that will help you concentrate on what counts – the performance. Acoustic elements can also be used to fine-tune the room’s acoustics.

Control Room

The control room, like all of our rooms, is also designed in accordance to strict acoustic principles. Combined with our ADAM monitoring system it provides for non-fatigueing, critical listening hours. This is an important factor in order to help correctly evaluate what you are actually recording and mixing.

With 2 couches in it, the room itself is large enough for a full band to sit comfortably and listen back. It is also possible for instruments such as electric guitar or bass, to be played in the control room, while the amplified signal is recorded in either of the recording rooms. This method dispenses the need for headphones and allows the musician more comfort to concentrate on the peformance.

Due to its spaciousness and great acoustics, the control room is often also used as a third recording room.

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