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Music community located at Funkhaus, Berlin. 
We produce, record and mix music.
We support the audio community by providing meetups and workshops


Our Team.

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FUNKHAUS is a complex studio facility located along The Spree river in the Köpenick district a little away from the centre of the city, boasting a vast area of over 13 hectares. It is said to be one of the largest multi-studio facilities in the world,​ ​on a site divided into four blocks, A to D,​ ​that are occupied by recording studios, event halls, co-working spaces, cafes, restaurants, and so on. After being bought by entrepreneur Uwe Fabich in 2015, it became widely used in a variety of different ways as it is now, with club events, concerts, fashion shows, IT events and so on. Recently, Ryuichi Sakamoto performed a memorable concert with ally, Alva Noto, but performances of international artists such as Tony Allen and Aphex Twin have also been planned, one after another.

Our Clients

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