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At the heart of the historic Funkhaus building lies
Berlin’s vibiest recording studio


Whether your music scene is rock, EDM, pop, funk, punk, soul, jazz, reggae, blues, metal or experimental, we can help you develop your sound and take your songs to the next level. Our team of experienced producers with years of expertise in songwriting and production will ensure that your baby is in the right hands and nurture it to its full potential.



With great sounding live rooms and a combination of vintage and modern, high-end equipment, we provide a range of some of the most desired gear in the industry to ensure you get the best sound out of your recording session. Add to that our team of highly experienced sound engineers and you have all you need for taking your music to the next level!



Let us mix your production to the professional level that your music deserves. Whether you recorded with us, or elsewhere, we have the gear and know-how to polish your tracks. We mix with a hybrid system of both classic outboard gear, with all its colour and texture, and the latest of software and plug-ins, giving you the best of both worlds.



If you're looking for a punchy and warm sound with a clarity that amazes, you are in the right place. It's important that your music competes out there, with both the loudness and quality of other professional productions. When we master, we don't change your mix, we improve it, bringing it to the place where it should be... sounding great on every kind of audio system.


Music for Advertising

Our services range from original compositions for film and commercials to voice-over recordings, sound editing and sound restoration.

Our ideal acoustic environment combined with our experience as musicians and audio engineers guarantees results in accordance with the highest industry standards.



Our recording spaces have visual appeal and vibe so we regularly use them for audio visual purposes: live sessions, film and photo locations

Let's Work Together

Contact us to start a new project, get more information, collaborations or just to say hello.

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