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Mario Breuer

Recording Workshop

1. Okt. 2022

Legendary Latinamerican producer Mario Breuer taught his approach towards live tracking and fast mixing, discussing analog and digital processes.

We are very honored to have hosted @mrbreuer’s recording workshop at Tricone. He recorded a complete track by the awesome @alien.grace and explained his mixing concepts.

The main focus of the workshop how to get things right from the start. Getting the performance and arrangement right before recording. This takes months of rehearsal. On the technical side mic choice and placement was the key factor, rather than processing later in the chain. Simple but important things to remember: how to get a balanced mono drum room sound, which is not as obvious as it seems. Also how to add high end to a kit with one mic, without extra EQ. In the era of “fixing after the fact” these techniques are becoming a lost art and it is important to remember that their impact can’t be replaced by manipulation during the mix.

Thanks to everyone that participated, the workshop was packed! Thanks to @fundacionbesares for organizing the event. And special thanks to @mrbreuer for sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm with us, his presence is a source of inspiration on its own. 🙏

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